A dog peeing after placement?

Healthy 3-4 year old Greyhound starts peeing in the house after 6 weeks of placement. What to do?

First, since any medical issue has already been ruled out this can only be a behavioral issue. For the first 6 weeks he was on his best behavior in his new families house with no accidents, After 6 weeks dog has claimed the house and family as his own and marking his territory.

It’s time for the family to take back THEIR house! It has already been suggested that the family crate the dog. They say the dog does not like the crate. Family further says THEY do not like the crate. That is the problem right there.

Greyhounds grow up in crates. This dog does not hate it’s crate. The FAMILY hates the dog’s crate. A crate is a dog’s sanctuary. The crate is the dog’s safe place. The family has replaced the dog’s private place with a big scary place that the dog is now desperate to make his own. It’s sad really that the family does not understand the dogs needs. They are doing what they think is best from their human point of view.

The solution: Put the dog back in it’s crate. Keep it very positive. Feed the dog in the crate. Give him a treat for going in it. Leave him in there for an hour or 2 then take the dog out to pee. KEEP EYES on the dog at all times in the house. Leave loose for a bit then back into the crate. Maybe from the crate, after a few weeks, the dog can graduate to a doggie door in the kitchen.

Giving a dog the run of the house from the beginning like they did is just setting the dog up to fail. Sorry to say this is NOT a dog issue this is a human issue.

We all love our dogs and want to do what is best for them but we need to learn to “speak and think dog” in order to do what is truly best for them from THEIR perspective.

Petropolis Park

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