A dog peeing after placement?

Healthy 3-4 year old Greyhound starts peeing in the house after 6 weeks of placement. What to do?

First, since any medical issue has already been ruled out this can only be a behavioral issue. For the first 6 weeks he was on his best behavior in his new families house with no accidents, After 6 weeks dog has claimed the house and family as his own and marking his territory. Continue reading

Happy Halloween – Dog Treats

Dog Treats: Dog Food and Dog Treats are specially formulated for the needs of a Dog. Dogs DO NOT need People Food. Choose a high quality food and match it with equal quality treats. If you are feeding a Super Premium like Taste of the Wild or Solid Gold then do not use “Junk Food” type treats like Beggin Strips.

If your dogs daily food ration is, for example, 2 – 1/2 cups per day then you should figure in your dogs treats as part of that ration. Huh? OK. If my dog is supposed to get 2-1/2 cups of food and I am using 1/2 cup of treats per day then I should cut the food back to 2 cups so that the total daily ration remains at 2-1/2 cups.

When at a weekend competition with GYPSY, I use her kibble as training rewards. I portion her daily meals and use it throughout the day. Usually by the end of the day the kibble is gone. She does not need another meal in a bowl and stays fit and trim. She might not get a meal in a bowl all weekend.

Healthy non-processed treats:

Sliced Carrots, or Blueberries (Freeze them so they are less messy)
Beef Heart, Raw and cut into 1/2 inch squares, then placed in a dehydrator for about 10 hours then frozen. Costs less then $1.50 lb. One pound raw yields about 1/3 pound dry. Yummy!!

Petropolis Park

Why I Love the CGC Test

The CGC Certification is a standardized AKC National Registry. Any Service Dog or Therapy Dog Org can create it’s own Certification test. Any Org working with Greyhounds could choose to exclude a SIT. AKC Does NOT exclude any breed from any part of the test. As a CGC evaluator myself I called and asked, “What are the guidelines for Greyhounds? They don’t SIT.” The answer was, “They don’t SIT, They don’t pass.”
Contrary to the beliefs of Greyhound fans the AKC sees the Greyhound as, “Just another Dog.”

I have people call me to Certify their dogs as Service Dogs / Therapy Dogs. I tell them, “Your dog MUST first be able to pass a CGC test.” Many do not call me back. That’s how I weed out the Fakers.

If you want a REAL Service Dog then be prepared to Do The Work! If a Retired Racing Greyhound can be trained to pass a CGC test then ANY Dog can pass. Just DO THE WORK.

– Daniel
Petropolis Park